A manual for the British soldier of the First World War

Haynes is a world renowned publisher of technical car manuals that has branched out in recent years to provide guides to historic aircraft, tanks and ships - to name but a few.

Haynes' 'Great War Tommy' presents a guide to the life, training and equipment of the British Tommy. Based on the official manuals, the text marries to step-by-step photographs of historical interpreters going through their paces.

Peter Doyle's 'Great War Tommy' has been critically acclaimed and featured in 'The Independent' (30 November 2013) as one of the 'War Books of the year'

'As much as I have rally enjoyed the aircraft books I've seen, this one is actually much more in the spirit of a genuine manual. The photographs are either contemporary or show living history chaps going through their paces. The mix of the two works really well, as does the periodic quotations from original manuals. These enforce the detail and give the book a degree of authority which upholds the power of the project' Mark Barnes, War History Online