An illustrated account of the life of the British soldier at war

Remembering Tommy represents the second collaboration with artist, photographer and Great War expert Chris Foster.

Through a marriage of words and carefully shot images, Remembering Tommy takes the reader on the soldier's journey from joining to demobilisation. Using period locations across Britain, and featuring historic artefacts in their original context, the book allows the reader to populate the images with their own memories, their own family members.

'Remembering Tommy is a beautiful and informative book and is an excellent tribute to the real lives of the British soldiers who fought in the First World War. Through a staggering number of photographs and illustrations as well as first person accounts, Peter Doyle and Chris Foster chart the experiences of average soldiers from the moment they enlisted through their service in the trenches right up until their homecoming. Remembering Tommy is a book to take time over and then treasure.' Enid Brightman,