Military memorabilia as a record of conflict

Military memorabilia are silent witnesses to conflict. Objects read correctly can provide important details of the background to military history, and can act as interpreters from the past, in some ways enhancing the basic understanding of what it must have to serve and suffer in times of war. Three volumes by Peter Doyle, published by the Crowood Press 'Tommy's War, 19141918', 'The Home Front 19391945' and 'The British Soldier in Europe, 19391945' explore the material culture of two world wars. A further eleven books for Shire Publications deal with all aspects of the British military experience in the two world wars and beyond, including two books on British military insignia (British army Cap Badges of the First World War & British Army Cap Badges of the Second World War, both for Shire, co-authored with Chris Foster).

His book, 'First World War in 100 Objects' is the flagship for the History Press and its commemoration of the Great War Centenary, and is published in March 2014.