Archaeological investigations at the site of Stalag Luft III

Archaeological excavations at Stalag Luft III (Sagan - now Zagan, Poland) in association with Windfall Films in 2003 revealed the existence of the remains of the third tunnel - Dick -at a depth of ten metres in the famous yellow sands of the site. Many artefacts were found during the dig, led by Peter Doyle (with Larry Babits and Jamie Pringle), including the entrance slab, a forger's stamp, the remains of a possible escape kit, and other interesting historic objects. These were displayed as part of the 'Great Escapes' exhibit in London's Imperial War Museum (to which Peter Doyle acted as an advisor), and are now back in Poland. Research continues into the archaeology and material culture of the site, and has been extended to other famous POW camps, including Colditz (Oflag IVC) and Lamsdorf (Stalag VIIIB). Peter Doyle has lectured on diverse topics from the reuse of tins from Red Cross Parcels to the geology of POW escape tunnels.